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NVR NUDE specializes in the creation of atelier produced fine jewellery pieces. We offer unique, one on one, highly personalized, Bespoke jewellery making experiences, as well as, One of a Kind and Made to Order collections.

Inspired by adventure, classic patterns, blue skies, and the joy of savouring the simple sensuous delights that surround us. Our heirloom quality pieces are built to affirm individuality while complimenting our customers’ inherent beauty.

Located in the in heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains we have private studios and the ability to meet clients in person in and around Calgary, Alberta and Kimberley, British Columbia. Just because we’re in the mountains, doesn’t mean you have to be!



The sensual resides in the simple. The smallest details refine into the memories we savour for decades. 

We deserve jewellery that adorns us for, and exalts, these exquisite points in time. 

A kiss that lingers. A perfect latte at a warm window. The crack of a crisp new novel, a vase of tulips on the table, and a pop of your favourite lipstick.

These small perfections sparkle with fun. NVR NUDE imparts that joy into fine jewellery that lets your stories shine.

Balancing the flirtatious with the functional, our jewellery strikes a chord. It is elegantly timeless, yet modern — with a splash of signature quirk. It favours the fresh, cherishes the chic, and delights in the delicate. It is bold, unapologetic, and powerful.



The creation of each NVR NUDE piece is a sensual and intuitive undertaking, in which each microscopic detail is honed by meditative attention.

Our entire process is one of reverence — right from the first pencil sketches, to the finesse of each piece of jewellery being finished by hand. Guided by an appreciation for texture and a penchant for fun, we use a wide array of production techniques that blend both ancient and modern technologies.

Whether you select your statement from either or Made to Order or One of a Kind lines, or work closely with us to create a custom Bespoke piece, we consider your role as important as ours in creating an object that sings with your story. NVR NUDE is designed to carry a crystallized season of your life that you’ll remember for good.

With the aim to create an intimacy between your jewellery and your body, we create each NVR NUDE piece with a tactile joy and playfulness that we know you’ll feel as soon as you slip yours on.


Jewellery holds what we cherish the most. It can be the carrier of your connection to a special person, place, season of life — or even a secret memory that’s just for you. 

NVR NUDE is designed to be worn with your best dress and a glass of bubbly, or with your favourite jeans while strolling in the sunshine and holding hands. Whether your day is bustling and busy, or relaxed and laid-back, your NVR NUDE piece will offer it an extra sip of fun and a sparkle of charm. It’s an invitation to feel at ease, at home, and gorgeous in your skin.

So flirt with your surroundings, and let each step be a love note to the world. Feel enchanted by all of it, and wear a memento that celebrates your unique way of being here.



From the earth, to your skin: jewellery as well-travelled as its owner.

The materials of your NVR NUDE peice go on great journeys to reach your body. Many lives are impacted in their travels, and we’re committed to ensuring that each one is treated with dignity. 

From the mines to our workshop, and every step in between, we take passionate care that communities are stewarded in positive and long-lasting ways, and that the impact on the land is consciously regulated according to the highest environmental standards. 

We meticulously hand-select each one of our gemstones, and our diamonds 1ct and more are sourced only from reputable Canadian mines. All our gold is sustainably sourced from refineries, following the world’s most rigorous processes. 

Adorning yourself with something that empowers you should empower others in the process. Your NVR NUDE jewellery will offer you not only a bright confidence, but a sparkling-clean conscience, too.

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